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property of ore treated with cyanide to give maximum gold yield

cyanide and cyanide complexes in the gold- mine polluted

cyanide solution. the finely ground ore (typically about 75 µm particle size) and the slurry of fine ore and water (the 'pulp') are treated with cyanide in large tanks that are stirred mechanically or by air-agitation. activated carbon is used to adsorb the gold directly from the cyanide pulp which

silver & gold cyanide leaching of copper ore

much work has been done on the effect of copper in cyanide solutions on the leaching of gold. it is generally accepted that copper in cyanide solutions can form complex ions such as cu(cn)2- cu(cn)3= and cu(cn)4=- although cu(cn)3= is considered the most probable of these. according to leach scientists the complex having an empirical formula kcu(cn)2 is not a solvent for gold and silver.

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heap leaching gold & silver ores

the data from these experiments show that agglomerating the ore with cement and strong cyanide solution decreased the leaching time for maximum gold extraction from 26 days for conventional heap leaching to five days for agglomeration heap leaching. agglomerating the ore with cyanide solution decreased cyanide consumption.

leaching pyrite gold ore without cyanide

for the ore with chemical pretreatment a maximum of 84.6% of the gold present in the ore can be leached in 24 hours compared to a maximum of 49.5% for the ore without pretreatment. the dissolution rate was faster during the first 2 hours of leaching for the ore without pretreatment than for the ore with chemical pretreatment.

comparison of gold extraction yields by cyanide treatment

the purpose of this study is to compare the recovery yield between leaching of a low-grade ore by alcaligenes faecalis and cyanide treatment. we performed a series of column experiments to determine au yields. background gold [au] is a noble malleable and precious metal that is highly ductile reflective and with an

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refractory gold ore treatment methods

gold-bearing tellurides do yield their gold to cyanide if they are in a finely divided state and excess lime is used. sodium peroxide greatly reduces the time of treatment required for maximum extraction. it is not beneficial when used in quantities equivalent to commercial use.

eliminating copper from gold ore

the hunt method-calls for the direct treatment of the ore with a solution of potassium cyanide to which ammonium hydroxide has been added. the gold is thus extracted together with some copper and the metals are recovered by electrolytic precipitation the gold silver and copper falling to the bottom of the vats as a sludge.

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