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golden spiral slideshare

golden sun - faq/walkthrough - game boy advance - by iron

battles in golden sun are almost always random encounter with the exception of certain events and bosses. all dungeons/tower/caves and the world map in golden sun have an infinite supply of enemies in store for you the random encounter rate is in my opinion a bit on the high side at some parts of the game.

best indoor water parks and pools in colorado – cbs denver

weather in colorado can be very unpredictable so indoor pools and water parks are the perfect way to enjoy all the fun of swimming and slides without the worry of weather. here are some of the

how to use the golden ratio to improve your photography

photography is about creating something that is visually appealing and using the golden ratio as a design principle is just one way we can achieve this. the golden ratio in photography and the fibonacci spiral. there are many interpretations of how we can use the golden ratio in photography.

what is the golden spiral – composition – photolisticlife

the golden spiral is a rule similar to the rule of thirds… when executed properly the golden spiral will guide the viewer’s eye through a scene and eventually to a specific focus point. think of a sea shell the spiral part would be concentrated over the focus point of your scene.

the golden ratio in photography icon photography school

the golden ratio in photography some argue that the rule of thirds is an oversimplification of a more advanced mathematical equation known as the golden ratio (also known as the golden mean). the golden ratio is a ratio which has continued to surprise artists scientists musicians and mathematicians for centuries.

divine composition with fibonacci's ratio (the rule of

also known as the golden mean phi or divine proportion this law was made famous by leonardo fibonacci around 1200 a.d. it’s not talked about in most photography circles because it’s a somewhat advanced method of composition and can be confusing to a lot of people. i made sure to align the head of my subject within the spiral and

how to use the golden ratio to jumpstart your photos

the golden ratio sometimes called the fibonacci spiral golden spiral phi grid or golden mean is a composition guide. it helps lead the viewer’s eye through the entire photo leading to more captivating images. here’s how. image credit: hillary k. grigonis. the golden ratio existed well before the modern camera was invented.

2017 perseids meteor shower seen showing up the moon - cnet

milky way and meteors. the perseid meteor shower is a favorite with night sky watchers each august. while the 2017 edition didn't quite hit the spectacular heights of the event in 2016 due to a

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